Improving water security for the poor

Small towns in fragile environments

The challenge

Lodwar is a small town in Turkana County, Kenya, with high poverty rates, a low level of piped water services, rapid population growth, and increasing climate variability with uncertain impacts on water resources. Similar problems are faced by many Kenyan and African small towns including Wukro in Ethiopia. In arid and semi-arid lands with growing populations, understanding the current and future status of available water resources is vital for development.

The observatory

We are studying hydro-climatic variability in the Turkwel River system and how that interacts with bulk water demand and allocation regimes (hydro-electric, industry, agriculture) which determine water flowing to Lodwar town and Lake Turkana. Groundwater resources are also influenced by rainfall and river flows in the Napu aquifer near Lodwar which is becoming an increasingly important resource in times of drought. Better knowledge of rainfall variability is needed to ensure the growing demands of the Turkwel River are met sustainably and benefit the poor.

This observatory also aims to reduce inequalities in drinking water services and ensure that investments reach the poor. Our research will help Lodwar respond to converging issues of water variability, demographic growth, poor infrastructure and financial sustainability to ensure inclusive water services for all.

Research questions

  1. Which metrics for rainfall variability can be formulated from future projections, and which of these metrics will be most useful to government, investors and rural water users?
  2. How do rainfall and run-off regimes affect recharge processes for groundwater supplies for Lodwar town?
  3. What are the processes and practices which reduce inequalities in drinking water services for the poor in Lodwar town?
  4. How do flashfloods affect men’s and women’s lives, livelihoods and water security?

Research team

IWA: Martha Jepkirui

UNICEF: Mahboob Ahmed Bajwa

University of Nairobi: Charles Odira Maxwell, Professor Albert Mumma, Dr Daniel Olago, Dr Maggie Opondo, Dr Gilbert Ouma, Florence Jerotich Tanui

University of Oxford:  Dr Simon Dadson, Dr Ellen Dyer, Dr Rob Hope, Dr Sonia Ferdous Hoque, Dr Marina Korzenevica, Dr Callum Munday, Michael Rouse CBE, Professor Richard Washington

News and blog

Groundwater is a vital invisible resource – to use it, we need to better understand it and make it visible, December 2019

Coping with water scarcity in the Turkwel river basin, Kenya, October 2018

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Governing water and knowledge in Turkana, Kenya, October 2017


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‘We’re working closely with UNICEF in Kenya to build water secure institutions in rural areas to potentially benefit millions of Africans.’

Dr Daniel Olago, University of Nairobi

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