Emerging themes on considering water equity

Author: Marina Korzenevica

The REACH programme aims to generate improvements in water security for the poor by working at the interface of water security, risk and poverty research and practice, spanning across the themes of resource sustainability, inclusive services and sustainable growth. Recognizing social inequalities forms a critical element of the programme, as it is a vital building block for enhancing and maintaining water security for all.

By early 2019, there were 23 studies within the REACH programme that included exploration of differentiated (particularly gender driven) experiences, practices and needs related to water. While the studies are mostly on-going, this research brief has been developed to spur interest and awareness in four areas that are underexplored in academia and underrepresented within development agencies.



UK Department for International Development Parliamentary Under Secretary of State

'Access to water is a defining challenge for the 21st century. The UK has already helped 43 million people to access clean water, but there is far more to be done.'

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