Partnership Funding


Partnership Funding is a core component of the REACH programme, representing 30% of the total REACH budget.  REACH Partnership funding grants are designed to support novel approaches to water security and poverty research and policy that complement our core research.

They are targeted at African and Asian based institutions beyond Kenya, Ethiopia and Bangladesh, and promote the co-production of approaches, tools and technologies relevant for policy-makers, practitioners, civil society organisations and enterprises.

Catalyst Grants

Twelve projects were initially funded through our Catalyst grants, working on projects in eleven countries in Africa and South Asia

Accelerated Grants

Based on the successes of the Catalyst grants we awarded additional funding to five Catalyst projects to continue and expand their work

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‘Access to water is a defining challenge for the 21st century. The UK has already helped 43 million people to access clean water, but there is far more to be done.’

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