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First Call: Catalyst Grants

We launched a call for Catalyst Grants on 10 December 2015. 173 Expressions of Interest (EOIs) for Catalyst Grants were submitted, of which 29 were shortlisted and invited to submit a full proposal.

These Catalyst Grants of between £10,000 and £50,000 each are designed to explore novel approaches to water security and poverty research and policy that complement the core research conducted by the REACH programme. These grants will promote the co-production of effective tools and technologies relevant for and adopted by policy makers, practitioners, civil society organisations and enterprise.

There are three themes for this call:

  1. Water security for vulnerable people
  2. Water security risk science
  3. Water security partnerships.

Applicants whose EOIs were successful have been invited to submit a full proposal.

There will be at least one further round of Catalyst Grants issued throughout the programme, with a second call for EOIs in 2016. Further calls may be issued subject to available funding. 

In January we held two webinars to answer questions about the EOI process. Here is a write-up of the key questions and answers from the webinars: REACH Questions and Answers (updated 1st February 2016)

Guidance note for EOIs
EOI application form – pdf (for reference only)
Guidance note for Full Proposals
Full Proposal – pdf of online application form (for reference only)
Full Proposal budget template
Full Proposal – online application form
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