Webinar | Affordability: can rural people pay for water in a crisis?

9 June | 13:30-15:00 BST

Making drinking water affordable for rural people has always been challenging. COVID19 places urgent pressures on government, service providers and rural water users with priority needs for water for handwashing at home, in schools and at healthcare facilities.

This webinar will present field data of changes in water demand and revenue, and explore how to improve policy and practice responses.

Confirmed speakers include: Prof Rob Hope (University of Oxford), Dr Guy Hutton (UNICEF), Amanda Robertson (USAID), Prof Meera Mehta (CEPT University), Virginia Roaf (Sanitation and Water for All), Jon Allen (Uptime/Water for Good), Dr Sonia Hoque (University of Oxford) and Andrew Armstrong (University of Oxford).

This is a UNICEF and REACH webinar hosted by the Rural Water Supply Network. Click here to register.



UK Department for International Development Parliamentary Under Secretary of State

'Access to water is a defining challenge for the 21st century. The UK has already helped 43 million people to access clean water, but there is far more to be done.'

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