Dry landscape in Namibia. Credit: Dr Callum Munday.

22 February 2021

The invisible rivers implicated in African drought

Gaps in our understanding of current and future climate over Africa is slowing down planning and adaptation. A new paper published in Geophysical Research Letters addresses one key component of African climate: water vapour – or how invisible rivers are driving droughts across the continent.

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A young girl sits on a jerry can, as her mother fills up another with water, near the town of Jowhar, Somalia, on December 15. The area around Jowhar has experienced large amounts of flooding this year, completely blocking off the town from main roads and forcing thousands to flee their homes and seek shelter on higher ground. AU UN IST PHOTO / Tobin Jones

20 October 2020

New funding to improve water security for 10 million people in Africa and Asia

New funding from the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) will support REACH to improve water security for 10 million people in Africa and Asia.

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A representative from the Commune of Banfora technical service in water and sanitation service introduces the aims of the focus group discussion to participants (credit: Maria Reyes/IRC)

1 October 2020

Making the invisible visible: Measuring empowerment in the WASH sector

In this blog, Sarah Dickin discusses the Empowerment in WASH index, developed as a tool for measuring agency, participation and empowerment in the water and sanitation sector.

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Kelly Ann Naylor, Associate Director, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Section, Programme Division, UNICEF

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