23 March 2015

Global partnership with UNICEF

UNICEF delegates from Africa, Asia and global offices visited Oxford on 2-6 March 2015 to develop a shared programme of work and discuss opportunities for collaboration at global, regional and country levels.

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20 March 2015

Oxford University and UK Government to lead research to improve global water supply

A global research project led by the University of Oxford and backed by the British Government will help millions of people in Africa and South Asia to have reliable access to water.

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2 March 2015

Water insecurity is a ‘drag on the global economy’

A new report shows floods, droughts and a lack of investment in providing good quality, reliable water supplies is dragging down the global economy.

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UK Department for International Development Parliamentary Under Secretary of State

'Access to water is a defining challenge for the 21st century. The UK has already helped 43 million people to access clean water, but there is far more to be done.'

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